Seoul life adventure part-1

Hmmm OK let’s talk about Seoul… Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets………. A quick google search will give you all this info. This blog is not about what is Seoul, what to do in Seoul, 10 best places to visit or 10 must try cafes….nope nope … Continue reading Seoul life adventure part-1

In 2016 we came this close to create ‘LIFE’…..

Today I read a quote that, ‘half knowledge about science makes one arrogance while more knowledge about science makes one humble and bring closer to nature/god/universe.’ I could have not agreed more which reminded me a paper I read in the 2016. I didn’t just read that paper but also tried my hand in the related subject area. Call it hype or science enthusiasm but … Continue reading In 2016 we came this close to create ‘LIFE’…..

When was the last time that…

That, you drenched yourself in the rain… That, you slow danced and didn’t care about steps… That, you opened the window to smell the rain, to touch the rain… That, smiled without any reason… That, felt calm despite of all the chaos… That, accepted your emotions… That, silently thanked all the people you have met so far….   Dom dom dom dom dom Dom be … Continue reading When was the last time that…

Korean Ginseng and Thesis

Nope, these two, Korean ginseng and thesis have no relationship with each other. Except that I m introduced to Korean ginseng yesterday. Not that I have not heard about it, it’s just that I have never tried it. I make ginseng sound like an interesting guy with lots of potential.  (insert all the laugh that u can get) I wanted to take a break from … Continue reading Korean Ginseng and Thesis

When cupid hits you twice (at the same time)

This sounds so familiar, right. A classy/cliché plot of Hollywood and Hallmark movies. Actress will meet two guys (lead characters) where first one appears to be more appealing than the other yet she falls for both. This first guy seems so perfect because of his looks/money/manners (and the list goes on) but as movie progresses somehow this perfect guy is not so perfect. He will … Continue reading When cupid hits you twice (at the same time)

Magical snowfall in Jeonju

Jeonju is a small town located at southwest of South Korea. Jeonju has been an important region from centuries. Previously it was capital of South Korea during Hubaekje kingdom. It is very popular for its food. In fact it was chosen as a ‘Creative Cities for Gastronomy’ in 2012. But this city has more to offer than delicious food. The difference in the four seasons … Continue reading Magical snowfall in Jeonju