Oreo cookie balls making with Lab work

It gets hard for people who love to cook for their friends and are doing PhD together. I was juggling with many ideas what to present to my friend on her birthday. I certainly didn’t want to just buy things and gift her. I wanted to have some personal touch.

I have always enjoyed cooking and love to listen feedback from my friends.  Since I was on a tight schedule of experiments and couldn’t buy ingredients. So, I decided to go along with whatever I had. I found some Oreo cookies with vanilla stuffing and cheese cream. Since I don’t have an oven, I started reading on internet in my lunch time that what I can make in 30 min. I decided to make Oreo cookies balls. So here, are the steps:

  1. Put all cookies in a tight zipper bag and crush them all by using rolling pin. (I used 200 grams cookie packet )



  1. Make sure that no big chunk is left otherwise it will create problems to make balls. Now we have to add cheese cream. I used 125 gram.


  1. Sadly, I don’t own a electronic mixer (downside of being a student). So I started mixing cheese cream and crushed cookies from my hand. It was little bit hard but I managed to get the smooth batter.


  1. 80% work has finished now all is left to make small balls which will appear like this.


  1. Now melt white chocolate to prepare coating for balls. In my case I did mistake. I didn’t have enough time to buy proper ingredients and in the name of white chocolate I got Hershey’s white chocolate with Choco chips. I didn’t realize before that Choco chips will change the color of white chocolate into brown. Lesson learned! Nevertheless, there was not much difference on the taste.
  2. Once chocolate is melted dip the balls completely and let them dry for 10 min. After that deep freeze them for 30 min. Since my white chocolate paste turned into brown and the paste was so thin that it was hard to make it stay on balls. Wrong choice of chocolate. So, my Oreo cookie balls were not looking good at all. Hence, no pics for the final ones.

Note: once you have put Oreo cookie balls in deep freeze u can again go back to lab and finish your experiment. They can be kept in deep freezer for very long time. The longer they are kept the delicious they become.



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