What type of Monday do you have?

Hello everybody, let’s talk about Mondays. We generally never get the idea to categorize our Monday. We always find it exhausting and energy draining. But we can always go back and look at our pattern that what makes us frightful about every Monday. Is it that unfinished work assignment or house chores? If we analyze our weekend’s habits; there is a possibility to draw a right map/ schedule to not to have messy Mondays.

For example, this morning I am feeling positive despite of my unfinished assignment, dirty laundry and messy room. All this is going to make my Monday really exhausting bez I didn’t finish my chores by the weekend. So what exactly makes our Mondays dreadful? Is it the way we feel about it or it’s our unfinished work. If I analyze my habits…it’s hard to get a real picture.  Being a PhD student my week is always full of unannounced and unexpected work. So, I get confuse at my weekends that am I supposed to rest, socialize or pursue my hobbies. No matter what I pick I always end up in not finishing my weekend chores on time. But my feeling related to my unfinished work/chores varies every weekend. There will be times when I will be cursing myself for not being disciplined and only realize it later that I filled my 24 hours with too much work. And then there are this positive rare times where nothing affects me. I reorganize my time and task and try to finish them by Monday night.

So, what kind of Monday do you usually have and why? I will love to listen to your story please share it through comment.


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