Sakura-The cherry blossom

Spring – most beautiful time of the year. I get to see sunny days after long freezing Korean winter. And I also get to see cherry blossom. This is my third spring in South Korea but I never get bore of it.

Sakura, that’s what u call cherry blossom In Korean language. People often misunderstand and think about seeing cherries on trees but as google explains it…


Indeed every spring we all are mesmerized by the short stay (14 days) of cherry blossom. Their soft pink colour brings K-drama’s cute romance in reality. Their petals are all over the places. I am always so careful about not crushing them while walking on the road. And if doesn’t convince you, just scroll down to pics.(None of the pic is edited)

Alright I didn’t intend to make it cheesy neither I am a K-drama fan but their charm is irresistible. Blossom starts from mid-March to first week of April but exact date varies from region to region. Many events are dedicated to admire the beauty of cherry blossom throughout in Korea.

Jeonju host such event in Jeonju zoo.  Last year in 2015 I was there. It’s the perfect place for family gathering, picnic, couple hangout (Korean english); I should rather stick to date.  😛

If you happen to be in Korea at this time of the year, give it a chance it’s a must see thing.


4 thoughts on “Sakura-The cherry blossom

  1. The emotional feeling the cherry blossoms create are pretty evenly split along gender lines:(My take). Not surprisingly, lots of people find cherry blossoms romantic, refreshing and to others, it’s a time of flourishing to new “Love”. Yes, “Hope.” Again, to my take, the excitement towards cherry blossoms or “Sakura” as you stated above persist because they’re “reinforced by popular books and magazines or movies that stimulate our fantasies with stories overplaying the number of ‘successful romances’ that actually occur in real life.”
    What’s my point though?
    Words of Christopher Piondexter, “We are giants in a world where love lives deep beneath the soil.” I didn’t finish that quote but spring is the point when it blooms and if you are in that moment standing with the right person besides you in that Jeonju zoo and breathe in that fresh air and take in every excitement from the surrounding, Gosh, what a moment!
    Call me weird, but I am hopeless romantic, some moments bring out my feminine side, the I would love to happen in such a moment is to lock eyes with that special girl besides me and not say a word but rather feel how free and excited we both are and then see her smile stupidly and get that one moment stuck in my head forever.
    Am I going off topic?

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    1. Surprisingly, your answer is longer than my whole article and has described ‘cherry blossoms’ way better than I ever can (so envy). I completely agree with each fact you have stated here.

      I see you are quite getting dreamy here but I will let u pass from going to (almost) off topic.


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