Yes, I like being a foreigner.

Why? Do u think living in a foreign country is always fun. Trying to figure out different culture in short span like a jigsaw puzzle can be fun to some people. But I attempt poorly every time to relate things /practices /habits with my culture in order to organize chaotic information I have. Though, I do get to know that there are many ways to do the same thing.

So, is it that depressing? Or she is just ranting from both sides just to appear pseudo intellectual.

I like to see things from both sides. It does expand horizons of my understanding.

So, here is another question. I often get asked, if this is what you like, why don’t you become a traveler?

I do enjoy traveling like everybody else but I don’t have luxury to afford some years of my life to hop around from one country to another. What I see traveling is more of like an activity. While living in a foreign land is more of a lifestyle choice. It gives me the feeling that I belong to nowhere but I got best of the both culture. I get the freedom to draw my life which is not obligated by any culture. The ability to choose is the most powerful thing in the world according to me. And no matter how much time or how many years you have spent in a different culture, you can always run into new things. This fills life with curiosity with the thought that what is left still.

But like I mentioned in the first line of this blog …….it’s not always so fun. You are always lonely. You can’t meet your family and friends whenever you wish to. And you grew to learn that attachment is what you desire but don’t need it. That’s the price you pay for a free and curious life.   


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