PhDs let’s talk about free food…..shall we?

Let’s say that every PhD is familiar with this feeling call FOOD.  Yes, it is a feeling, not a survival necessity for daily life to most of us. And when it shifts from FOOD to FREE FOOD…….wait hold on a second and listen your heartbeat that is like experiencing eruption of volcano. The happiness of saving 5$ for a one time meal is immense though those 5$ will easily go in next round of coffee of late night work.

To all the wet lab researchers out there, I do sympathize with you all, in a good way. You people are so hard working and deserve this so call advantage of being a PhD student. I must say that through these years, my mind is so well trained now that I can forget about the seminar’s timing but I will never forget that free coffee or sandwich which I will get in seminar. And believe me it’s embarrassing to think like that in your mid-twenties.

To add this more same mentality goes when I attend conferences. (I probably shouldn’t mention it…..but let’s take risk) I have started judging quality of conference by the types of food they provide because this free food concept does intrigue me. (Awkward silence…..)

I have become so comfortable with this poor and hungry PhD student mindset that I don’t know how I will function when I will enter in the real world. I guess let this question be a basilisk of harry potter’s secret chamber and future will unlock it but I am really afraid to find out.




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