Grabbing fruit salad in symposium

Some talks are so effective that they make a small personal memory room in our cortex like having their own studio apartment compare to other memories.  This presentation was about ‘An advanced approach to lifestyle medicine practice: Lesson from everyday epigenetics’ by Jenny Lee (University of North Texas Health Science Center USA) delivered on 26 Feb. 2015 but it’s still fresh in my head as it happened yesterday.

Most of us tried to manage time to attend it in between our experiment’s incubation time. And I was one of them too who went there with half brain. But boy, what a kick start of that symposium. There were several reasons to make my brain go from half to interested phase (I am sure nobody can use their brain 100% at present time and if you do please let us know then).  The first thing was no language barrier. All presentations were in English. I could have not missed that rare opportunity. I was not aware of epigenetics and that was the first time I was being introduced to this powerful field. I currently work in genomics so, needless to say that words like genomics, genome, medicine, lifestyle and epigenetics started doing Macarena in my head and I actually began to concentrate.

I think it is safe to say that I was not the only one who was admiring that presentation. It had all elements good data, excellent delivery and thoughtful questions. That whole evening we were just discussing about epigenetics. It was so much in our head that during break time it made us to grab fruit salad and green tea instead of those delicious muffins. I still remember those muffins, fluffy brown base. And here I am again, talking about food. I just can’t help. No conference, seminar, meeting and symposium can be complete without mentioning food. So here I go, it was almost impossible to pass those mouthwatering muffins and attack fruit salad but we did. We just didn’t only chew it but enjoyed it while having thoughtful discussion that how these fruits will affect our present health to our future generation. Like one healthy snack is going to replace all junk food and late night munching effect.  And that was not awkward for that moment. I was not the only one who was deeply involved in thinking that how environmental factors will shape our genes which we will pass (if one wants) to next generation.

Epigenetics started getting in our skin. But thankfully, soon our incubation was over and we begin to restore our normal mind who craves for those fluffy muffins.



2 thoughts on “Grabbing fruit salad in symposium

    1. I do agree with u mam. I should have explained it in better way. I think Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence — a change in phenotype without a change in genotype — which in turn affects how cells read the genes.


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