How to overcome language barrier

  1. Stop laughing at other’s accent as there is no standard in it.
  2.  It is just a language not the IQ score of that person.
  3.  Be patient and always ask “how do you spell it?”
  4. And the technology – translator is everywhere isn’t it!!!

4 thoughts on “How to overcome language barrier

  1. It happens for foreigners who stay in countries using his/her non-mother tongue language. Actually, it doesn’t matter if only if when point of the topic had delivered correctly.

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    1. Excatly, it should never matter as long as people can understand each other. Living in a non English speaking country has given me numbers of intersteing experiences, not that I am a native English speaker. Generally I am surrounded by people where neither of us speak each other’s langugae or lack common language but we have to go along to do our things which eventually turns into good freindship. Despite of good or bad I have often found that people lack paitence while dealing in a situation with no common language. It can be pretty draining and time consuming on daily basis.These are my ways which I have developed with the time. Hope it can help other people too.

      Your comments are always welcome!!!


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