cute story of racism

I was standing on Heathrow airport, waiting for my number, thinking when can I board? I wanted to reach home so badly. I was terribly missing my bed. I wanted to take nice shower. I guess we all have these thoughts when we are on returning flight. And if you don’t then my dear friend you are super organized person, hats off to you.

A voice approached me, ‘Hey, what is your seat no.? I mean which zone no.? Are we supposed to go by zone?’

I turned back. A pleasant smile was waiting for me. I smiled back and answered, I guess so. I think they always arrange boarding by zone but today no information about it.

Soon we started exchanging basic information about each other. In the middle of our conversation, he jumped to conclusion, asking me, “are you mixed?” I was left confused.

Me: no, no why?

He: I don’t know, I just thought so.

(He is not the first person who called me mixed. I heard it quite a lot but it is confusing for me. I don’t look mixed at all. These days people are travelling more than ever before. It has become easy to recognize peoples’ background. Why mostly people guess it wrong in my case? L)

I kind of stopped our conversation there and headed towards my seat. I happened to meet another gentleman who was able to speak in broken English. He was sitting next to me and it was the same cycle of exchanging basic information (You can call it introducing). Guess what happened next?

Me: (I eagerly wanted to know will he get it right…) Do you know from where I am?

He: yes, India.

Me: Wow, you got that right (finally!!!). How do you know?

He: (He immediately became shy or nervous, hard to guess it. He was trying to hide it. I think I made him uncomfortable. Finally he spoke.) umm my reason is racist…

Me: Why do you think so? It’s ok. You can tell me.

He: because the way you look.

Me: (I had an honest laugh) its fine. In fact I am very happy that you can recognize people. It is not racism. You are not hating me or limiting my opportunities. Chill. Thank you so much for guessing it right though. (<3)


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