Autumn in South Korea (Moaksan hiking)

South Korea becomes pretty picturesque when temperature drops and leaves start changing their colours. Reading this article can change your mind if you are not already convinced to visit South Korea in autumn. Also, this article can be your absolute guide if you are living in Jeonju but got no time to hike other popular mountains in big cities during autumn.

Here we go to Moaksan

It is a small mountain in Jeollabuk-do located at south of Jeonju. Moaksan has an elevation of 793.5 meters from sea level. It can be a small mountain for pro hikers but usually in South Korea Mountains are not that high. Whether you are pro or not, you can find many interesting trails to spend your whole afternoon.  You can wrap up your things quickly and by the evening (I mean 5 or 6 pm) you will be in the home relaxing and preparing for “crazy Monday”.


I started my hiking early morning so I needed to munch on food. I can’t go empty stomach. I had Ho-ddeok and Myeol chi. Myeol chi is basically small dry fish and people generally eat it after finishing hiking with Mackoli. But, I was super hungry and I ate whatever I could get at that time.


My journey started with this amazing view…


I realized that how slow I was. I saw old people were way faster than me. One person came with puppy and even puppy surpassed me. Believe me that feeling was not good. Unfortunately I am scared of dogs (sobs sobs) even this cutesy couldn’t help me. I wanted to pet him so badly but my fear was in my way.


Don’t Moaksan let fool you. Be prepared for tough hiking especially when you are coming down. Remember that whenever you see ‘ak’ in the mountain name (Moaksan= mo+ak+san), you are going to have trouble in getting down because ‘ak’ means difficult/steep.

I had terrible accident there. I was slipped and hit by many stones. I couldn’t feel my leg. I thought I got fracture in my leg. Luckily there were many people around me where I slipped and they all came to help me. Language barrier could have been a problem but I was not in a state to speak any word. I was keep crying because I was unable to feel my teeth and leg. That accident happened in the middle of the trail while getting down. Some people started calling at 119 (Korean emergency no.). I don’t know why I chose to stop them. I didn’t want to make it big I guess. I saw sun was going to set soon. I had to reach home as soon as possible.

I decide to walk (stupid decision). I started walking and slowly began to feel my leg. It was extremely painful but I kept going. On my way I saw temple (I didn’t do any research before going to Moaksan. It was a good thing or bad, I don’t know but suddenly seeing the temple gave me hope).


It was a Buddhist temple. I have not seen temple in a very long time. I certainly miss the smell of incense sticks. I became emotional to see temple and decided to spent some time there. People were extremely helpful to me. They made sure that I reach home.

It was a good experience except that accident. Whenever I can’t afford time to go to faraway places, I hit to Moaksan especially Budhhist temple.












8 thoughts on “Autumn in South Korea (Moaksan hiking)

  1. “Everything is possible for a person who has faith”. But I din’t get why walking after accident was a stupid decision. A story untold.. 🙂


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