Magical snowfall in Jeonju

Jeonju is a small town located at southwest of South Korea. Jeonju has been an important region from centuries. Previously it was capital of South Korea during Hubaekje kingdom. It is very popular for its food. In fact it was chosen as a ‘Creative Cities for Gastronomy’ in 2012. But this city has more to offer than delicious food. The difference in the four seasons of South Korea can be experienced at its epitome in this city. I am covering about snowfall weather in Jeonju in this post or I can say more of like my neighborhood.


Everything covers up in a white blanket when it starts snowing.

I experienced my first snowfall in this city. It was magical for me. Bringing it to the next level, I opened my mouth wide open so that I can taste snow directly from the sky. (Now, I know it’s very bad for health. But it was fun doing that.)


Don’t believe me then click here

It looks absolutely beautiful in its very own simple ways

Enchanted forest

I love to walk on snow and leaving behind trail of foot prints. I love to count them how many steps I have taken 🙂 (see it’s much better than any app. Ok…Ok we can’t remember 10,000 steps but at least we can keep track of recent ten steps.)


Hope this post will bring smile and change the gloomy day ❤

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