When cupid hits you twice (at the same time)

This sounds so familiar, right. A classy/cliché plot of Hollywood and Hallmark movies. Actress will meet two guys (lead characters) where first one appears to be more appealing than the other yet she falls for both. This first guy seems so perfect because of his looks/money/manners (and the list goes on) but as movie progresses somehow this perfect guy is not so perfect. He will have his own flaws and so the actress will choose the second guy.

You might be thinking that why I am wasting a blogpost over this kind of movie plot. So, here is the answer for it.

Lately, I am keep getting recommendation for movies with this plot. And I have watched many of them in few weeks. My mind was full of these stories which encouraged me to take a dip in my imagination.

“What if cupid hits us twice at the same time?”

We meet two people (insert gender according to your interest) who are very different from each other yet we feel interested in them. They both have their own set of flaws and strength (got to make it real. After all it’s not a movie and in reality nobody is perfect.) Then what will you do?

Option: 1 will you pick one over another?


Option: 2 wait for the life (movie) to progress as they say time will tell.

But here is another twist, if you choose second option. It gets more twisted with the time. The more you spend time the more it gets ‘complicated’. As the saying goes that ‘time’ will tell is not telling anything. Again it’s the same question what will you do?

Will you pick one over another?

[You know what will I do? If I ever reached to second option level then I will quit trying. I will cut myself from everything and anything and create third option. I will choose to remain single because it’s easier rather than breaking someone’s heart.]

But again question remain same what will you do?

Will you….





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