Korean Ginseng and Thesis

Nope, these two, Korean ginseng and thesis have no relationship with each other. Except that I m introduced to Korean ginseng yesterday. Not that I have not heard about it, it’s just that I have never tried it. I make ginseng sound like an interesting guy with lots of potential.  (insert all the laugh that u can get) I wanted to take a break from … Continue reading Korean Ginseng and Thesis

Autumn in South Korea (Moaksan hiking)

South Korea becomes pretty picturesque when temperature drops and leaves start changing their colours. Reading this article can change your mind if you are not already convinced to visit South Korea in autumn. Also, this article can be your absolute guide if you are living in Jeonju but got no time to hike other popular mountains in big cities during autumn. Here we go to … Continue reading Autumn in South Korea (Moaksan hiking)

Oreo cookie balls making with Lab work

It gets hard for people who love to cook for their friends and are doing PhD together. I was juggling with many ideas what to present to my friend on her birthday. I certainly didn’t want to just buy things and gift her. I wanted to have some personal touch. I have always enjoyed cooking and love to listen feedback from my friends.  Since I … Continue reading Oreo cookie balls making with Lab work