Korean Ginseng and Thesis

Nope, these two, Korean ginseng and thesis have no relationship with each other. Except that I m introduced to Korean ginseng yesterday. Not that I have not heard about it, it’s just that I have never tried it. I make ginseng sound like an interesting guy with lots of potential.  (insert all the laugh that u can get) I wanted to take a break from … Continue reading Korean Ginseng and Thesis

Grabbing fruit salad in symposium

Some talks are so effective that they make a small personal memory room in our cortex like having their own studio apartment compare to other memories.  This presentation was about ‘An advanced approach to lifestyle medicine practice: Lesson from everyday epigenetics’ by Jenny Lee (University of North Texas Health Science Center USA) delivered on 26 Feb. 2015 but it’s still fresh in my head as … Continue reading Grabbing fruit salad in symposium

PhDs let’s talk about free food…..shall we?

Let’s say that every PhD is familiar with this feeling call FOOD.  Yes, it is a feeling, not a survival necessity for daily life to most of us. And when it shifts from FOOD to FREE FOOD…….wait hold on a second and listen your heartbeat that is like experiencing eruption of volcano. The happiness of saving 5$ for a one time meal is immense though … Continue reading PhDs let’s talk about free food…..shall we?